Scientific knowledge.

Experience based knowledge.

Application of knowledge.

We provide plans based on a strong background in fields such as nutrition, biochemistry, endocrinology, bio mechanics/exercise physiology, and continue to always further our education. Continuing education from the scientific and experience end. We believe in precise attention to detail, as well as having an eye for what is needed for our clients to succeed. We also are able to provide our competitor clients with guidance when it comes to competition choosing strategies, stage presentation, and posing. Whether you are already an IFBB Pro or trying to get to that level, you will be provided the best coaching available. We are custom tailoring your plans to succeed based on science, application, experience and trained eyes! You will need to be able to execute a plan with no excuses. We don’t want any unknown variables. We want to work with individuals who are serious about their results!!!

“I don’t work with people based on genetics or how good they have already placed, but more so their desire to succeed and willingness to execute the plan with zero excuses. I would rather work with someone with awful genetics, but whose got insane drive and dedication over an individual with phenomenal genetics and lazy”  -Johnny Casalena